Nick and Alyssa Smolen at VIVA in July

Nick and Alyssa, father and daughter artists from rural Westby are VIVA guests the month of July.
Alyssa is currently studying photography and graphic design at UW-Milwaukee.  She has been interested in photography since she was in grade school.  Alyssa enjoys photographing nature and landscapes but her favorite subject is horses.  Upon graduation she intends to start a wedding photography business.  Her subjects are typical but she photographs with an artistic twist to create unique images.  She will exhibit a variety of subjects at VIVA.

Nick is a blacksmith.  He got his start in 1988 when he began forging Damascus steel blade stock for custom knife makers.  Nick began making his own knives for sale, hunting and chef knives are his specialty.  More recently he has added ornamental iron work to his repertoire, candle holders, tables and sculptural pieces.  He combines modern and traditional forging techniques giving his pieces a unique look.  

Come to 1st Thursday, July 5 from 5 pm to 7 pm to see the work of these two local artists, along with the work of all members of VIVA Gallery.  After the artist reception have dinner at the Rooted Spoon Kitchen Table.