Pete Daniels February Guest Artist / M'Lou Wilke Featured VIVA Member Artist

Pete Daniels Artist Statement

            In nature, the paradox of mystery and logic, flatness and thrust, stillness and torrent, the gray of solitude and the color of community all await observation and experience.

            A simple line separates the water from the sky.  Repeating hexagons form the structure for the community of bees.

            Nature first inspired me to seek peace.  Nature inspires much of my art. 

In this show I explore the dynamic between water and sky, so magnificently observable on the shore of an ocean or great lake.  I explore the hexagon and the circle, often hidden structures, but brought into my experience as a beekeeper or gardener.  Yet the sun and the moon are there every day, and when I remind myself to take them in again I am fascinated by the mystery of the simplicity of their form.

I enjoy working conceptually, and exploring my concepts and subjects in the abstract and surreal, yet informed by realistic subjects.

Art, for me is an experience.  Thank you for journeying with me.

M'Lou Wilke
Featured VIVA Member Artist

From M'Lou

I work in a variety of mediums as I am an art educator. Stained glass and beaded jewelry are the two mediums that represent me at VIVA Gallery. I am focused on species of birds and flora found in the Driftless region for my original stained glass designs. My beadwork is all about color and texture and intricate processes such as brick stitch, peyote stitch and bead knitting.