Watercolorist Marie App / Metalsmith Raelene Roberts Artists of August

Marie’s paintings and stained glass are representational in style, bold and colorful in design, and masterful in composition. Her paintings are developed to invoke a sense of appreciation for our land.   
Raelene is an accomplished metal smith, her art works are beautifully hand crafted pendants, chains, chalices, boxes.  These reflect the complex construction materials and techniques that she uses.

Chalice and jewelry by Raelene Roberts

New Member Christine Larson is July Guest Artist

Chris is fascinated with the emotions connected to color. “I begin a piece by first painting my entire canvas with the dominant “mood” color. As I paint, I allow the color to show through and recently have begun to do a lot of scratching back through layers of the glazed oil paint. I know the painting is done when all of the lights and darks are in and the final “spark” is there.” She strives to convey on canvas her interpretation of the unseen forces connecting all things. “In my studio work, I tend to create an abstracted dream landscape. In my Plein Air landscapes, I often try to simplify shapes and show Nature’s vibrations as I experienced them, through the use of color and the ever changing effect outdoor light has on it."