Thinking Spring with Tammy Olson, Ken & Michelle Workowski

Tammy Olson is a mixed media artist who resides in rural Wisconsin.  After 15 years of working as a registered nurse, Tammy rediscovered her love for creating art and now spends her time as a stay-at-home mom and an artist.  Some of her favorite days are when she is able to find a little time to spend in her studio with a nice cup of hot tea, her pencils and paint.
In her art she enjoys bringing many different mediums together into one piece.  She works with watercolor, coffee, acrylic, ink, pencil, found papers, old text and recycled coffee filters.  She is especially fond of using recycled tea bags.  This works out wonderfully because she likes to drink a lot of tea! Tea bags are incredibly versatile, they can be painted, ripped, cut, drawn on and glued or used just as they are with their beautiful tea stained colors.   Tea bags have a wonderful transparency to them which gives them a bit of unpredictability when using them, but also can result in some delightful surprises!
Her work is filled with a lot of color.   She is drawn to bright, lively and vivid colors especially orange, lime green and aqua. 

Michelle and Ken Workowski are Featured VIVA Member Artists  in May.   They work with natural and sustainable materials in their home business The Nature of Things.  Their work includes beautifully crafted birch-bark frames, poplar-bark baskets, lamps, lampshades, antler chandeliers and more.  Come and see their unique creations