Toril Fisher and John Tully October Guests

Collaborative Work by Toril Fisher and John Tully
Work By Each Alone

Toril Fisher
I studied painting and metals at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and completed my BFA at Pacific Lutheran University in Washington State. I currently reside in La Farge, Wisconsin and manage Second Cloud On The Left Farm, with my beautiful husband, Drew and my dear Mama and Pop.
Our farm specializes in growing all heirloom, endangered and rare varieties of produce. We are humbled and honored to grow food for our community.
When asked for an artist statement, I hesitate to write a formal statement about my work for fear of making frozen comments that potentially gain too much authority on what is depicted in my work. My only hope is that my art makes a connection to the viewer and evokes emotions of joy and a love inspired reminder of the interconnectedness of all things. Our journey on this planet is brief and the beauty around us is limitless... capturing a few fleeting moments of beauty on canvases is what motivates me to paint. Being an artist brings me closer to beauty. I can spend hours contemplating light, shadow, smells, temperature and energy. How lucky am I? 

Artist Bio

John Tully
John Tully has been painting most of his life. With the natural feel of a brush in his hand there is little hesitation in his process. Choosing acrylic for its fast dry time, exhibits John's comfort in deliberate decision making; bold design choices, clean line, and adept color field blending. For the last 30 years, John has worked as a Scenic Artist and Designer for theaters in the Milwaukee/Madison areas. He has been applying these same painting techniques to the surfaces of local homes and businesses.
In October 2014, John returned to work on canvas. His abstract compositions, many born from shadow, play with rhythmic brush strokes, sculpting the source of light.
“Rhythm and light.
These are the two elements that come to play in most everything I do.
The rhythm of the drum, the train in the distance, the horse passing by my window, the farmers in Star Valley, pausing in their rhythm to stand and wave, the sunflowers turning with the sun..”