Joyce L. Reimer Petrozzini Frith

Fantasy painted on cloth and furniture

Joyce L. Reimer Petrozzini Frith
When I think of my art, it is a dream that swirled in my brain and comes out my fingertips, feeling as though it is presented to me as a smiling gift that I really have nothing to do with except to be the receptacle of it.  My job is to pass it on.
It is a love of my heart where all things are possible.  My hope is it will touch your heart, where you feel and know anything is possible.
I was born in1941 into an artistic family. No one pushed you this way or that, but you were allowed to develop your imagination. I have no formal education in art, but would always look at the art of others and think, “I could do that.”
I didn’t start my artistic life until I was in my late forties –when I had to paint something or bust.  To my surprise it was well received.  Since then I have painted furniture, walls, canvases, shoes, windows, and trunks.  Most were done on commission, and a few art shows in Australia.  Most of my art is in Australia in private galleries.  My favorite medium is acrylic, but I try everything: ink, chalk, found objects, and watercolor.
At the moment, padded paintings are what I enjoy most--the work is intensive, and some of them take up to a year to do.  They started out as tiny thumbnail drawings or scribbles, then pen ink--but they lacked something.  I started painting on fabric and then padding them. The paintings came to life for me and made me smile at the magic they produced within my emotions—like Tinkerbell, I believe.
Most of my work is done through commissions or word of mouth.  I am new in this community, and I hope you enjoy my work.  I have included windows and some tables because it  represents all parts of my art.