Jacqueline Reeves Watercolor

                                                          Watercolors by Jacqueline Reeves at VIVA Gallery

VIVA Gallery’s First Thursday reception on August 3 will feature the watercolor paintings of Jacqueline Reeves. Jackie loves to paint the scenes that surround her, from life on the Lancaster, Wisconsin farm where she lives with her husband Byron, or favorite places from their travels together.

Jackie expresses herself best in watercolor, preferring the freshness and transparency of the medium. She likes the way that colors can mingle on the paper and yield unique and varying results. Through her work, Jackie feels that she is preserving a way of life that is fast disappearing, recording the chores and inhabitants of a small family farm. But she doesnt limit her painting to farm life. An avid traveler, Jackie captures engaging scenes with her camera, and returns to the farm to paint them. Her paintings often strike a chord with viewers, recalling places and points in time that make for happy memories.